Some jewelry needs a quick fix at some point.

It could be a chain whose clasp was broken or it had missing links, maybe an earring with an insecure clasp. Whatever the situation, Zehava jewelers can rebuild them as it was never missing and they had no problem.

In our years of experience, we`ve had the opportunity to successfully rebuild many special jewelry pieces, inherited jewelry, spectacular creations that could no longer be worn due to damage.

Jewelry needs to be rebuilt for multiple reasons, including:

  • They can be worn improperly;
  • They can be fine creations, which, handled carelessly, can break easily;
  • Due to repeated closing and opening, over time, some locks may loosen or even break.

If you also have in your collection jewelry that has a certain degree of damage and you can no longer wear them, we can help you restore their functionality. All you have to do is contact us by e-mail ( or by phone at 0754.037.737, if you have any questions or you can come directly to the Zehava showroom.

We will be happy to give you back the pleasure of wearing your favorite jewelry again!

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